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Taizhou Daye Industrial And Trading Co., Ltd. Was a professional production of PE, PP plastic cutting boards, sheet plastic cutting boards, placemats, industrial materials and other products PE profiled companies. The company is located in Wenling City in Zhejiang Province town industrial park injection molding, elegant environment and convenient transportation.

Nearly 200 varieties of existing cutting board, exports to the rest of the world, the introduction of Japan environmentally friendly ink printing technology, printing sheet cutting board large exports to developed countries. PE, PP press die cutting board applied for several patents, through technological innovation press mold injection mold cutting board cutting board cheaper than about 3,500 per tonne, a 10-year-owned enterprise specializing in the production of plastic cutting boards, plastic cutting boards mainly domestic production and export base.

Our company has three production lines of plastic cutting board, a thin cutting board production line. Export more than 20 million, by the foreign trade enterprises of all ages. Is the only country able to use environmentally friendly inks, high temperature, non-shedding, can reach Japan, European health testing requirements of the enterprise.

Our purpose: to make you a profit, I grow, sincere and Plus customers!

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